Branding Suggestion for Kerry in the Debate Tonight

Cakewalk to Baghdad

It’s how it was promoted, yes? Nu? It would be a cakewalk to take out the villian Saddam Hussein. That’s what “they” said. Richard’s post below points up how it was plainly not so. So my question is, will John Kerry talk about this in the foreign policy-oriented debate tonight? I personally want to see him rip the Little Twig to sunder on his administration’s arrogance and ineptitude regarding Iraq. (It goes without saying that I was opposed to “the war” from the get-go) But, I’m betting Kerry won’t.

Your bonus for getting this far is a link to Country Joe McDonald’s new song: “Cakewalk to Baghdad”

(click at left to hear) . These are the men who gave us the “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag” in the late 1960s. The download for the song is at the left margin of the page. Here are the lyrics. (It’s Real Player format. You can convert it to MP3 or 4 if you have the right sound editing software.)

Lyrics are here:

“I remember back, before we whacked Iraq

I was watching the news, were we gonna attack?

A man named Richard Perle came on and talked

He said going to Baghdad would be a cakewalk

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

It went real easy,

Took a couple of weeks

Tore down that statue

Set those Saddamites free

The Frogs and the Krauts, they feel real bad,

They missed out cakewalkin’ into Baghdad

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Next we’re gonna cakewalk into Teheran,

Gonna cakewalk to Damascus and Pyong-yin-yang

When we strut on in,

Everybody’s gonna cheer

They’ll be wavin’ old glory,

We’ll have kegs of beer, just like that…

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Now moms and dads don’t worry ’bout

Your soldier boys and girls

We’re just sending them cakewalkin’

Around the world

When the coffins come home and the flag unfurls

Cheer for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Perle

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Do you think we’ll see those Bush boys patrollin’ the streets

Like our soldiers got to do in Basram and Tikrit?

We gonna see Richard Perle cakewakin’ ’round

The streets and alleys of Baghdad town?

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Easy to cakewalk in … not so easy to cakewalk out.”

As my 76-year old dad says: “I want those lying bastards out.”

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A Marine’s Eye View

Steve Brozak is an ex-Marine Iraq war vet, who returned to face not an ungrateful nation, but a totally disengaged government and administration who he characterizes as “criminal in terms of its inept management”. He was so pissed, he took on the herculean task of trying to unseat a popular Republican congressman in a particularly conservative district in New Jersey.

And he has a fighting chance.

You can read Steve’s complete story at (suck it up and view the ad so you get a free view) – it’s a very important story and really illustrates the true nature of the situation in Iraq, both today and during the immediate post-invasion occupation.

Most of all, what the Salon story illustrates is the absolute disdain the desk monkeys in the Pentagon have for the men and women on the ground in Iraq. Here’s a short excerpt:

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground shocked him. ‘The number of people there and how they were prepared in terms of equipment and training was, across the board, criminal in terms of its inept management,’ he says. He saw the potential for calamity. ‘What we are faced with today is our active duty force stretched to the breaking point,’ he says. ‘The National Guard and reserve systems are broken, possibly beyond repair. We are staring down the barrel of the draft.’

‘Do the math,’ he continues. ‘How many people do we need going forward? How many people do we have? Where are these bodies coming from?’ When Brozak returned from the Middle East to his post in Arlington, Va., he tried to alert civilians in the Defense Department to the trouble on the ground.

But, he says, they were uninterested. ‘It was that same arrogant, contemptuous attitude. When I came back and said we have a problem, we need to address it right away, we are fighting for our lives, their attitude was, ‘We know better than you do.’ It was their contempt for the people in uniform, it was their contempt for all Americans’ that finally drove him out of the Republican Party.

In fact, Brozak says, Republicans’ contempt for soldiers — coupled with their mawkish reverence for the military in the abstract — had been bothering him for a while. He first started souring on his party when the Bush team smeared John McCain during the 2000 primaries; he was outraged by the 2002 attacks against Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who was tarred as a traitorous ally of Osama bin Laden despite the fact that he lost three limbs serving in Vietnam…

Again, great article from someone who’s actually been on the ground fighting in Iraq, and knows the true deal – not only on Iraq, but the chickenhawk bastards that put us there.

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Debate Thread

I’m just going to keep adding to this thread during the day with little tidbits and items I find…if you find something of particular interest, note it in the comments.

For your debate viewing pleasure tonight: Presidential Debate Bingo!

Buzzflash Editorial: What Debate?

Krugman: Swagger -vs- Substance

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Duel: Bowling Balls at 2 Paces

Franken Challenges O’Reilly to Bowling:

NEW YORK – Who’s the kingpin, Al Franken or Bill O’Reilly? If Franken had his way, the answer would be decided with a bowling ball.

On his radio show Wednesday, the satirist-commentator challenged the Fox News commentator to a ‘friendly’ bowling match…

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Another Dispatch from Bizarro World

Russia – a virtual dictatorship and real world garbage dump for some of the nastiest environmental contaminents and biohazards known to mankind – can approve the Kyoto Protocol.

The Bush Administration guts clean air regulations, allowing a quantum increase in mercury emissions, and thumbs its collective nose at the Kyoto Protocol.

What’s wrong with this picture??:

Russia’s Cabinet approved the Kyoto Protocol on global warming Thursday, clearing the way for the worldwide adoption of the document once the Russian parliament ratifies it as widely expected.

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BushCo Gets One Right!

…but we’ve heard this story before. Remember before Iraqi sovereignty turnover puppet regime installation, we were told to expect that “violence would ramp up” before Jerry Bremer snuck out of Baghdad two days early under the cover of darkness? Damn. They got one right.

And it’s kept ramping up. And up. And up. In fact, it’s fair to say that violence hasn’t ramped down since the first day that tanks and embedded reporters rolled into Iraq from the Kuwaiti border in March, 2003.

Journalists will no longer venture outside of their hotels, so we should have no false illusions that we’re getting anywhere close to the correct story. The scribes that do take the chance to wander the streets are wearing flack jackets and taking personal body guards. The media relies on reports from local stringers and cameramen.

Even Ayad Allawi wouldn’t travel beyond the nearest bar in the Green Zoneâ„¢ without a convoy and body doubles. Still, he’s the guy that says violence is “isolated to a few provinces”. Yeah. It sure looks like a few provinces. Like all of them. 30 days, 2368 attacks.

And now, the occupation forces and their Washington (and Baghdad) masters are diminishing expectations again, saying, “violence will ramp up prior to elections”.

(Which one? Theirs or ours?)

If you think about it, warnings that “violence will ramp up” are pretty specious, because such pronouncements would imply that violence ever ramped down. It’s been an ever upward spiral.

Now, comes word this morning that dozens of people have been killed in multiple car bombings around Iraq, the most serious targeting a U.S. military convoy. No word yet on the nationality of the injured, but I think it’s fair to speculate that since a U.S. military convoy was targeted, U.S. troops were probably killed. How many? It depends on how quick U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte can get in touch with Minister of Defense Rumsfeld and Vice Chancellor Cheney to figure out the spin (or change clothing on the bodies) in advance of tonight’s foreign policy debate between John Kerry and G.W. McJesus.

So, here’s my question for tonight’s debate: “Mr. pResident, when can we expect the violence in Iraq to ramp down?”

Update, 9:45A:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – At least three bombs exploded near a U.S. convoy in western Baghdad on Thursday, killing 34 children and three adults, a hospital official said. Hours earlier, a suicide car bombing killed a U.S. soldier and two Iraqis on the capital’s outskirts.

It was unclear if the bombs — which also wounded 137 people, including 10 U.S. soldiers — targeted the convoy or a ceremony marking the opening of a new sewage system in the neighborhood that was taking place at the same time. Also unknown was the nationalities of the casualties or whether there were U.S. soldiers among the dead.

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Another Republican Defection to Kerry

And another Republican lamenting what his party has become. I lament it as well. I used to know of many good Republican politicians. Now the list is very small. Richard Lugar, Olympia Snowe? Name a few if you can, in those comments below, willya?

Oh, the defector? Also a son of a Republican President. So that makes two sons of Republican Presidents voting for Kerry, Ron Reagan and John Eisenhower. Hey, and I wouldn’t count out Jack Ford.

Here’s the announcement.

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An Interim “Thank You!!”

A sincere “THANK YOU!!!” to the following blogs for hooking up to ASZ’s “DCCC-F9/11 Marathon” (as culled from Technorati):

If you’re a blogger, we’d appreciate a hookup to the “DCCC-F9/11 Marathon”, and we’d be more than happy to recognize your contribution!

Remember, all affiliate proceeds from every purchase of Fahrenheit 9/11 are being donated to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to fund last-minute pushes by progressive congressional candidates in competitive districts. More details here.

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Distrust Abounds

Another one of those “duh” moments for the media.

Poll Shows U.S. Distrust of Politicians ‘Epidemic’

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans’ distrust of politicians and business leaders has reached an “epidemic” level, driven by the Iraq war, the disputed 2000 presidential election and financial scandals, a Reuters/DecisionQuest poll revealed on Wednesday.

The nationwide telephone survey of 1,100 adults found 61 percent of Americans had lost faith in leaders and institutions over the past four years…(more)

Yet a majority of ‘muricans still apparently support Chimpy McFlightsuit. I just don’t get it. Where’s the disconnect??

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Philadelphia Weekly Endorses Kerry

No real surprise in this…but again…a strongly worded rebuke of Bush in endorsing Kerry:

…Bush feels free to step on people’s dignity. In the case of gay people, he proposed a hollow and meanspirited amendment to the Constitution that he knew had no chance of passing. In the case of nonwhite immigrants, he stomps on civil liberties ruthlessly in the name of homeland security.

He unthinkingly mocks the values of working people. He gives tax breaks to the rich and to corporations that believe profit margins are a means to an end. To those who work for a living, he sells the lie that things are good and getting better by the moment.

He’s robbed us of our empathetic character. He says little to nothing on our behalf about the genocide in Sudan or the heartbreak in Haiti or the AIDS epidemic worldwide. Instead, he raises the specter of the evildoers every chance he gets.

It’s easier, it’s simpler, it preys on fears.

It makes him feel big and makes us feel small…

He not only makes us feel small – he actually makes us small, every day that he continues to occupy the White House.

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