Branding Suggestion for Kerry in the Debate Tonight

Cakewalk to Baghdad

It’s how it was promoted, yes? Nu? It would be a cakewalk to take out the villian Saddam Hussein. That’s what “they” said. Richard’s post below points up how it was plainly not so. So my question is, will John Kerry talk about this in the foreign policy-oriented debate tonight? I personally want to see him rip the Little Twig to sunder on his administration’s arrogance and ineptitude regarding Iraq. (It goes without saying that I was opposed to “the war” from the get-go) But, I’m betting Kerry won’t.

Your bonus for getting this far is a link to Country Joe McDonald’s new song: “Cakewalk to Baghdad”

(click at left to hear) . These are the men who gave us the “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag” in the late 1960s. The download for the song is at the left margin of the page. Here are the lyrics. (It’s Real Player format. You can convert it to MP3 or 4 if you have the right sound editing software.)

Lyrics are here:

“I remember back, before we whacked Iraq

I was watching the news, were we gonna attack?

A man named Richard Perle came on and talked

He said going to Baghdad would be a cakewalk

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

It went real easy,

Took a couple of weeks

Tore down that statue

Set those Saddamites free

The Frogs and the Krauts, they feel real bad,

They missed out cakewalkin’ into Baghdad

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Next we’re gonna cakewalk into Teheran,

Gonna cakewalk to Damascus and Pyong-yin-yang

When we strut on in,

Everybody’s gonna cheer

They’ll be wavin’ old glory,

We’ll have kegs of beer, just like that…

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Now moms and dads don’t worry ’bout

Your soldier boys and girls

We’re just sending them cakewalkin’

Around the world

When the coffins come home and the flag unfurls

Cheer for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Perle

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Do you think we’ll see those Bush boys patrollin’ the streets

Like our soldiers got to do in Basram and Tikrit?

We gonna see Richard Perle cakewakin’ ’round

The streets and alleys of Baghdad town?

Cakewalk to Baghdad,

Cakewalk to Baghdad

Easy to cakewalk in … not so easy to cakewalk out.”

As my 76-year old dad says: “I want those lying bastards out.”

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