Quick Hits – Iraq, GOP Fems, and McMansion Bailouts

It must be the Friday before a holiday weekend. Why else would so much conservative absurdity be surfacing today?


A couple of great blog postings have crossed my email inbox today, and I thought I’™d share them:

Booman picks up on an absolutely absurd occurrence in Iraq during a recent visit by a GOP congressional delegation. I’™m not even going to tell you what it’™s about. You have to go read it – it’™s that crazy. But here’™s Booman’™s intro to the posting:

Whether it was M*A*S*H, Dr. Strangelove, or Catch-22, I like to see war portrayed as absurd. Even when it is justified, it is absurd. Many Vietnam movies tackle the issue, none more poignantly than Apocalypse Now. I think we have a real life example that speaks volumes in today’™s Washington Post. This could be straight out of Joseph Heller’¦

ASZ’™s most excellent friend Melissa at Shake’™s Sis found some more conservative absurdity in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece posted on Opinion Journal. Apparently, there’™s a strategy that the GOP can use to re-attract the ‘œsecurity moms’. Again, without giving away Lis’™ secret, here’™s a snippet to whet your appetite:

Right out of the box, I can tell I’™m going love Ms. Strassel, given that she subscribes to one of my favorite theories of politics: Vagina Voting. That’™s the theory which proffers that Vagina-Americans (aka ‘œWomen’) are politically attracted to the closest vagina. Hence, all women should want to vote for Hillary. And if Hillary weren’™t in the race, they’™d want to vote for John Edwards, because of Elizabeth’”and also because John Edwards, what with his hair fetish, is practically one big vagina himself’¦

Lastly, I’™m sure that everyone heard about McFlightsuit proposing a bailout for the mortgage industry. Believe me, no matter how much the White House spins it, the bailout is NOT for homeowners. It’™s for his buddies in the banking / financial service industries that are gasping for mortgage air. Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast does a sendup on the latest absurdity in the burgeoning mortgage industry crisis – and she (properly) contrasts the bailout to the lack of assistance for affected people in New Orleans:

Don’™t kid yourself for one minute that this is about helping low-income Americans stay in their homes. If helping low-income Americans stay in their homes were the goal, the 9th Ward of New Orleans wouldn’™t still be in ruins two years after Hurricane Katrina, its citizens dispersed elsewhere, the better to turn Louisiana into a Republican state and a cash cow for Bush’™s corporate cronies. This Administration has dragged its heels on helping the most high-profile poor people in the country, but when the wealthy start to feel the effects, suddenly this president rushes into action’¦

If you’™ve found some online absurdity today that needs to see the light of day, by gawd, post it in the comments!!

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