There Is No Constitutional Right to Wear a Slogan on a T-Shirt

The whack job Christians are at it again. In this case, they are seeking special rights to wear stupid T-Shirts. No, that isn’™t in the constitution. . . not that they can spell the word. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Nope, that’™s nowhere in the constitution whatsoever. And the fact that T-Shirt slogans are not protected is not a sign that our forefathers were devil worshippers. There’™s no reason, as Les says, to play the ‘œpoor persecuted Christian card.’

In this case, we’™re talking about a school dress code. Everyone is to wear khakis and a polo shirt with no insignia on the polo shirt. Sounds fair to me. But the mother of Tracy Prochnow is complaining because of Tracy’™s fourth violation of the dress code. And, yes, she is playing the poor persecuted Christian card. Here’™s the story:

The mother of a student who was suspended for violating her school system’™s dress code says the rules unfairly target religion, WRTV in Indianapolis reported.

Tracy Prochnow said Highland High School in Indiana suspended her daughter, Brittany Brown, on Monday because the junior wore a Christian-themed T-shirt.

Monday was the fourth time Brittany violated the code, which the city’™s school board implemented this year and requires students to wear khakis and polo shirts.

Prochnow said the school may be violating her daughter’™s rights, and she has asked the school board to change the code.

‘œI don’™t believe it matters what she’™s wearing ‘” whether it be a T-shirt and jeans or polo and khakis ‘” as to what she’™s going to learn,’ Prochnow told WRTV.

The front of Brittany’™s T-shirt features a cross and the words ‘œThis Shirt Is Illegal In 51 Countries.’ The back quotes the Bible’™s Romans 1:16: ‘œI am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God ‘¦ the salvation of everyone who believes.’

‘œThe school is basically saying I can’™t wear a shirt that talks about Jesus or Christ or God or any religious type of T-shirt because we have to wear a polo,’ Brittany said.

The school’™s principal, Mark Finger, said the dress code doesn’™t target religious beliefs.

‘œThe policy states there are to be no logos or slogans on a shirt,’ Finger said.

OK, I’™m going to the really obvious here, that Mrs. Prochnow is just plain stupid. The school policy does not, in fact, focus on religion at all. What it is likely intended to do is make sure clothing is not a distraction at school. No, Mrs. Prochnow, there is no right in our society for your daughter to wear slogans on her T-Shirts, whether the slogan is about religion or whether the slogan is about how stupid her own mother is.

As Misty points out, Mrs. Prochnow and her daughter knew what the dress code was and Mrs. Prochnow allowed her daughter to violate that code four different times. I gotta wonder whether she is a fit mother.

(Want some fun? Go check out the comments underneath this news story. The Christians supporting Mrs. Prochnow and her delinquent daughter are hilarious!)

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