Blackwater: “We’re an Extension of the Military”

Someone tell me what’™s going on – and if the government is supporting Blackwater’™s assertion that the company is ‘œan extension of the military’?


What? WHAT??

The families of the four killed contractors filed suit against the company in January 2005, saying that Blackwater’™s cost-cutting measures led to the deaths. That lawsuit is still pending as a federal judge tries to determine whether it should be heard in arbitration or in open court.

Blackwater has argued in court that it is immune to such a lawsuit because the company operates as an extension of the military and cannot be responsible for deaths in a war zone.

Yep. The neocons have set up their own private army, answerable to no one but government contract officials, apparently.

I wonder what the General Petraeus has to say about Blackwater’™s assertion?

Thursday, September 27th, 2007 by Richard Blair |

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