Michelle Malkin Fears the Yoga!

Another idiotic column by Michelle Malkin. That shouldn’™t surpise us at all. She’™s such a dizzy woman that it is surprising even stupid Republicans listen to her. What is surprising is they do!

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

We all know she fears the gay. That’™s not news. But here Michaell Malkin has decided to write negatively about a high school in the Boston Suburbs that is employing yoga to help calm students. WTF? Why in the hell should this woman be complaining, unless, as we all know, that this woman is truly deranged. From the NRO:

According to the piece, ‘œLess Homework, More Yoga, From a Principal Who Hates Stress,’ the head of Needham High School in the Boston suburbs is pushing ‘œstress reduction’ through better stretching and breathing. Principal Paul Richards, who last earned nationwide mockery when he ditched publishing the honor roll, is part-Oprah, part-Deepak Chopra, part-Richard Simmons, and all edu-babble.

‘œIt’™s not that I’™m trying to turn the culture upside down,’ he’™s quoted telling the Times. ‘œIt’™s very important to protect the part of the culture that leads to all the achievement,’ he said. ‘œIt’™s more about bringing the culture to a healthier place.’

And here I thought high-school principals should make schooling, not ‘œbringing the culture to a healthier place,’ their top priority. Silly me. Welcome to your new nanny-state nightmare.

Yoga classes are now a requirement for Needham high -school seniors. To further ease the supposed burden on overworked students, Richards has ‘œasked teachers to schedule homework-free weekends and holidays.’ Just what we need to turn around those one in ten schools that are now considered ‘œdropout factories,’ huh? Can’™t cut it in the classroom? Bend like a bridge, take five deep, slow breaths, and all will be dandy.

I’™m thinking Michaelle Malkin needs to stick to things she knows something about. Gosh, that would mean stifling her on every subject, wouldn’™t it? Heck, that’™s OK by me.

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