Scary Halloween Masks Available

Coulter! Limbaugh! O’™Reilly! Dobson! Robertson! Oh, my. Are you desperately searching for a last minute Halloween costume? Please, don’™t go scaring little children with these’¦


Earlier, our own Steven Reynolds wrote about the Halloween costume of choice for the elite Washington trick-or-treating that will be happening tonight inside the I-495 beltway. However, if you don’™t have a paper bag handy, and you need a last minute costume, try one of the kits offered by People for the American Way:

scary masks

Simply download, print, cut out, and go scare some people at your favorite liberal watering hole! (Please, use responsibly, and don’™t go frightening the little children. You could traumatize an unsuspecting young’™un for life.) Note: downloads and accessorizing suggestions are available at the PFAW website.


Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 by Richard Blair |

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