The “Gotcha” in the GOP Debate – Was CNN Punked?

Let’™s play a game – what doesn’™t belong in a YouTube question that was asked tonight in the CNN/YouTube GOP presidential debate?


I was watching the GOP debate, and was struck by one particular question submitted via YouTube. If I recall correctly, the question was answered by Romney and Grandpa Fred Thompson, but that’™s really irrelevant. Actually, the question itself was largely irrelevant.

Watch the 20 second question below, and ask yourself: What element of this video simply has no place in a GOP debate? After CNN’™s ‘œgotcha’ experience with the Dem debate, you’™d think they’™d be more careful. You’™d be wrong.

Was CNN sandbagged? Or did Anderson Cooper pick this video on purpose? Either way, it was no accident that this eminently forgettable question was plucked out of the thousands submitted via YouTube. I’™ll wait a few moments to see if anyone saw the same weird thing that I picked out, then I’™ll post the answer in the comments’¦

Update: A quick observation on the debate itself – when Mike Huckabee comes across as the sanest, most articulate banana in the GOP bunch (granted, the bar has been set pretty low in the past seven years), and the only candidate who has actual convictions, you know the Republican Party is in a heap ‘o trouble. He was the only one of the candidates who was truly speaking from the heart and not faking it or putting on a facade. [[Sorry, supporters of Ron Paul, but your guy was exceptionally shrill tonight and seemed to get lost in his answer on Iraq. He should have had that one down pat.]]

The difference between Huckabee’™s presentation and the rest of the crowd was absolutely striking.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 by Richard Blair |

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