When Rumor and the WaPo Collide – is Obama an Islamic Sleeper Agent?

They say that a salacious rumor can circle the world before the truth even gets out of bed in the morning. When a very stupid wingnut rumor gets repeated in the Washington Post, ‘œthey’ are not far from wrong.


The Washington Post is acting as a proxy for the GOP again – not catapulting propaganda, mind you, but enabling the wingnut rumor mill (and therefore lending the WaPo’™s credibility to the stupidity).

Is Barak Obama an Islamic sleeper agent in the U.S.? Apparently, there’™s enough whispering in the turgid waters of the wingnutosphere that the editors of the WaPo are willing to lend their megaphone to the idiotocracy. Jill deconstructs the story in a Brilliant at Breakfast posting:

This is how it works, folks. Wingnuts put something ‘œout there’ ‘” Obama is a Muslim spy. Hillary is fucking her female Arab assistant. John Edwards had an affair. It doesn’™t have to be true; it doesn’™t even have to have anything to it other than what’™s pulled out of wingnut ass. All Republicans have to do is put something ‘œout there’ and out-and-out lies become just an ‘œalternative view’ deserving of equal time to facts. Because as Stephen Colbert said, facts have a liberal bias.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani DOES have ties to terrorists by having a government that harbored Khalid Sheikh Muhammed as a business client, and it’™s nowhere to be found in either Washington Post or New York Times’¦


I don’™t know how progressives combat this kinda horsepucky. As we all know, stupid rumors like this will circle the wingnutosphere (and the world) ten times before the truth even wakes up.

And this is how Conventional Wisdom’„– is born’¦

Thursday, November 29th, 2007 by Richard Blair |

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