In Which I Eat Humble Pie

Pass the whipped cream.

Commentary By: The Xsociate

Most people don’t like being wrong, but when it comes to my belief that the filibuster of the FISA bill debated before the Senate yesterday wouldn’t matter, I’m gladly having a heaping helping of humble pie with my late night meal. Dodd’s threat of a genuine, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-style filibuster, succeeded in staving off the much expected cave.

While jubilation is warranted, the battle is not over. Even Dodd, who along with his fellow compatriots deserve praise for their efforts, recognizes this is only a temporary stay of execution. The bill has been tabled until after the first of the new year and by then the supposed deadline for passing some sort of bill will be even more immense and the Bushies will pull out all the stops to get their dictates enacted.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some pie to finish.

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 by The Xsociate |

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