Democratic Polls are GOOD NEWS

The poll numbers have gotten closer on the Democratic side in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and that’™s a good thing. I’™d like to see a battle here right through to May or so, because it will cause the candidates to discuss real issues rather than platitudes. At least that’™s my hope.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

The latest Times/Bloomberg is good news for the Democrats. Yeah, everyone is getting even in the race. Obama is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and all of Obama, Clinton and Edwards are in the same position in Iowa. Here’™s the poll results from the LA Times:

WASHINGTON ‘” Barack Obama has wiped out Hillary Rodham Clinton’™s once-commanding lead in New Hampshire and the two remain virtually tied with John Edwards in Iowa, as more and more voters get off the fence and decide whom to support, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll has found.

Obama drew backing from 32% of New Hampshire Democrats who intend to vote in the primary, compared with Clinton’™s 30% ‘” a statistical dead heat. That’™s a dramatic shift from September, when a similar poll found him trailing 35% to 16% in the state that will hold its presidential primary Jan. 8.

In Iowa, which opens the 2008 presidential voting with its Jan. 3 caucuses, the poll found Sen. Obama of Illinois, Sen. Clinton of New York and former Sen. Edwards of North Carolina in a statistical three-way tie.

I’™ve said all along I think the Democratic side has an abundance of good candidates. I’™m thinking this narrow race will force them into actually discussing the issues. Oh, and I think that’™s a very good thing. Some Americans can be fooled by the same old, same old, but I’™m thinking that with the plethora of liberal blogs out there speaking their minds, and not directed particularly by one campaign or another, that a whole bunch of the Democratic electorate wants to see some straight talk. Polling being so equal, maybe this will force some more straight talk.

Now this situation could also force some negative campaigning. Still, most of these folks have been very good about avoiding the negative and talking about issues. The pressure will be on them to keep to the same, and I hope they do so.

The LA Times poll indicates that the Bhutto assasination may help Hillary, who, since she was there for her husband’™s administration, supposedly has the wherewithal to handle international issues such as terrorism. I don’™t find that as axiomatic as do the pundits. Perhaps what we need is a breath of fresh air rather than the same old policies, even if they are Clinton policies. Give this Bhutto assasination a couple days to settle down and you may find it will not hurt either Obama or Edwards.

But be reminded, I’™m celebrating parity here. I want all of my good candidates to get talking about real issues more and more. Sure, Allspinzone endorsed Edwards, but I’™d personally like to endorse real debate, and close poll numbers are what is going to nudge the candidates towards real debate.

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