Huckabee, God’s Candidate, Slipping

Huckabee was leading in Iowa, and he insisted to Jerry Falwell, Jr. that his ‘œsurge’ was the result of divine providence. So, now the polls are showing a different ranking of the leaders in Iowa ‘” does this mean God is frowning on Mike Huckabee?

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Mike Huckabee has lost his edge over Mitt Romney in Iowa, and the papers are reporting that it is all due to Mitt Romney’™s attack ads (Romney 27%, Huckabee 23%, according to the Mason Dixon poll). But, wait. Didn’™t Mike Huckabee say back when Jerry Falwell, Jr. endorsed him that his surge in the polls was due to ‘œdivine providence?’ The Philadelphia Inquirer reminds us:

A month ago, when accepting the endorsement of the Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., Huckabee said that the only way to explain the surge of support for him was divine providence.

So, what is this downward turn in the polls, God testing Huckabee? How is it that God is using Mitt Romney’™s attack ads for this test. Oh, it’™s all so confusing, isn’™t it?

Monday, December 31st, 2007 by Richard Blair |

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