John Edwards, Courageous Campaign

John Edwards has quit the Presidential race without backing one of his opponents. Darn, I wish he’™d make a choice, but wish him well, so, so much.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

I will say first that I am sorry to see that John Edwards is bowing out of this year’™s Democratic primaries. His was a campaign infused with honesty and caring for the people in this country who need care most. As the AP article notes, he began his campaign in New Orlenas helping those displaced by Katrina, and he’™s finishing his campaign there with his entire family, helping build houses. Man, the guy is the very picture of the candidate we need, except for the fact that he’™s got his liberalism so much on his sleeve that he might be difficult to elect, and it will certainly be difficult for him to lead. The kids and family are great, and they’™re all so photogenic. America would love to see little Jack romping on the White House lawn at the Easter Egg Roll. OK, no more sentimental stuff.

All reports say that Edwards is not backing either Hillary or Barack as yet. I’™d like to see John Edwards change his mind on that and go and back either Hillary or Barack. I’™d also like to see him throw himself into campaigning for his choice. I’™m an Obama supporter, and I’™d love for Edwards to jump in on Obama’™s side, but I also think the guy could provide Hillary with some real support ‘” show us her softer side, perhaps. Because Edwards, if nothing else, and there IS plenty there, is caring. That’™s the softer side.

John, you and Elizabeth did a great job and I wish the best for you and your whole family.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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