Near Riot at Nevada GOP Convention

I often refer to Republicans as organized, though I mean ‘œorganized crime.’ In this case, it’™s Keystone Kops, as they run the most disorganized and incompetent state convention possible. They’™ll fix it up, I’™m sure, stripping Ron Paul of delegates and further alienating the libertarian wing of the GOP.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

You see, some Republicans forget that Ron Paul is still running, and that his followers are the kind of geeks who memorize stuff like Roberts Rules of Order. Seems the Paul team got through a couple rules changes that gave them a bit of an edge in getting Nevada delegates. Then, just as the voting was about to start, Nevada GOP Chair Bob Beers made some whiney excuse about having an early curfew. . . then the booing and hissing started. From the Reno Gazette Journal:

Early in the day, state delegates supporting Paul’™s continued pursuit of the Republican nomination voted through a rules change that forced the state party to abandon its preset ballot of potential national convention delegates and open up the race to the rest of the state delegates.

The vote followed a rousing speech by Paul of Texas, who said his presidential campaign will continue as long as he has support.

But as the convention continued into the evening, chairman Bob Beers said the party’™s contract for the hall at the Peppermill Resort Casino had expired and the event would be rescheduled.

‘œDue to a rules change that left us on an overtime basis, we will recess the convention until a date that we are going to announce next week,’ Beers told a shocked crowd, which stood silent for a few seconds before erupting in boos.

As Beers was escorted out of the building, a short-lived effort to rescue the convention was launched by party activist Mike Weber. Although several hundred Paul supporters stayed, they weren’™t strong enough to make a quorum to continue the convention.

Sounds like chaos to me. I particularly love this part, where a McCain supporter sounds a whole lot like Rodney King doing a ‘œcan’™t we all just get along’ sort of schtick:

Throughout the confusion, hecklers battled for the attention of delegates who supported U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

‘œMcCain supporters leave!’ one man shouted.

‘œMcCain supporters stay!’ a woman answered.

‘œWe’™re supposed to be on the same team!’ another woman shouted.

As usual, what this really comes down to is a bad case of incompetence. You see, the Republicans decided to allow people who attended to self-nominate themselves to go to the National Convention. Just imagine how the Paul people must have smiled when they heard about that. It’™s important to note that with Republicans, anything that resembles Democracy is immediately to be messed with, or perhaps just suspect. So Paul’™s folks mess with it, and now the powers that be in the Nevada GOP, GUARANTEED, are going to make sure that Paul’™s people don’™t get to represent Nevada in Minneapolis.

I like this quote: says it all about Republicans and their attitude towards Democracy:

‘œMcCain won fair and square,’ Boulder City delegate Daniel Hancock said to thunderous boos and cat calls. ‘œSo, at this point we are electing delegates not to fight out the nomination in Minneapolis, but probably rewarding people loyal to the party.

‘œWe need to strike a compromise between perfect democracy and getting things done.’

Yes, he said that Democracy can be compromised. And it seems like it will be in Nevada. But you have to admire those Ron Paul kooks for trying, don’™t you?

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