Commander Limbaugh Calls for “Operational Pause”

What could be worse than the draft dodging commander-in-chief of an undead zombie army acting like he’™s a Field Marshall?


Rush Limbaugh sets me off just by opening his fatuous mouth. But then, I guess that’™s what he’™s supposed to do.

The last we visited with the EIB kingpin, he was calling for riots in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. Apparently, Commander Oxy’™s clarion call to the dittohead contingent didn’™t concern the Colorado Attorney General, DHS, FBI, or anyone else in the Bush Crime Family.

However, it could be that someone got to him, and told him his rhetoric was careening over the top. Today, the fat pilonidal cyst draft dodger is emulating his mentor, Commander-in-Chimp McFlightsuit, and calling for an ‘œoperational pause’ in his Operation Chaos:

Ladies and gentlemen, I am calling an operational pause in Operation Chaos’¦just wanted you to know your commanding officers are eagerly, diligently, and effectively planning the next strategy here’¦

Commander Oxy is as delusional as his undead zombie followers.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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