When the Heart Stops Beating…

I got nuthin’ right now.

Commentary By: Richard Blair

It’s been a long and winding road for me here on All Spin Zone. There have been times in the past five years when I’ve been energized beyond all belief. This is not one of them.

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging on ASZ. That doesn’t mean I’m disappearing completely, as I’ll still be reading every day, maintaining the behind-the-scenes infrastructure and might even chime in on an occasion or two with a post, if something really moves me.

At this present time, I’m having a hard time revving up the passion for politics. It’s not that I don’t care. Gawd, I hope longtime readers of ASZ know better. I’m just tired , bone weary tired right now, of fighting against a rising tide of general public indifference as our government continues the drift toward authoritarianism. It’s also clear that the infrastructure supporting this drift toward authoritarianism has become so firmly entrenched over the past several years that no presidential candidate, Dem or GOP, is going to be able to successfully dismantle the neocon wet dream that Dick Cheney’s crew has created.

As many of our readers are no doubt aware, I’m also quite put off by the ridiculous level of acrimony that has developed in the progressive blogosphere this year. I have an operating theory on what has actually happened to cause the acrimony – call it GOP COINTELPRO, if you’d like – but whatever the root cause, there is no joy for me at the moment in political blogging. Like I said in the slug for this post : I got nothin’ to bring to the table right now.

So until someone (or some event) can bring in a virtual defibrillator, and jump start my political heart again, I’ll be taking time off from front page blogging. Over to you, Steven and Daniel!

Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 by Richard Blair |
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