Name Larry Craig’s Book!

Larry Craig is writing a book about energy, but he’™s going to discuss those little adventures in airport restrooms as well. I’™m thinking this guy needs a catchy title for his book. Maybe our readers can come up with good ones.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Yeah, Larry Craig is writing a book. Here’™s a bit of the story from an interview with KTVB in Boise:

In a live interview on NewsChannel 7 Tuesday night ‘“ Craig, 62 – told Dee Sarton that he is in the process of writing a book on energy – that will also talk about his time in Congress ‘“ and the events of the past year.

‘œThere will be a bit of what’™s happened in the last year, and the way it evolved,’ Craig said. ‘œI think that’™s important for Idaho and those outside Idaho who are interested to know.’

He hopes the book will be on store shelves in the next year.

Let’™s have some fun. Craig is going to give his version of his public restroom escapades, so that probably figures in the title, doesn’™t it? Wonkette is forming a book club to, presumably, read and dissect the book. I’™m thinking that’™s not necessary. The book needs a title! Post them in the comments. How about. . . .

Wise Cracks From a Wide Stance?

Edit, 1:40: Seems Levi Strauss is bringing out a new line of Wide Stance jeans in honor of Larry Craig. Be the first on your block to get the, From CAP News:

‘œWe will be marketing the pants to cowboys and others who straddle things for a living, as well as men of discretion and adventure,’ said Levi spokesperson Janice Weiss. She denied that the pants would be solely marketed to closet homosexuals, despite a flurry of pre-advertising that seems to suggest otherwise.

‘œIs the closet homosexual market huge? Of course it is, but that’™s not who we’™re trying to attract with our Wide Stance Pants,’ Weiss said. ‘œWe’™re looking to farmers straddling rows in a field, Seattle residents who find themselves constantly trying to avoid puddles, men who just honestly like the feel for more space between their legs. That sort of thing.’

I’™m thinking Larry Craig may have a future in marketing.

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