Antonin Scalia’s Gun Rights Poster Boy

Oh, Antonin Scalia, he with the Russian first name, is so stupid he thinks gun owners are smart and responsible, at least he said so in his opinion the other day, an opinion which struck down Washington DC gun laws. If Scalia were not so ideologically narrow he would understand that gun owners are sometimes whacked out, if not criminal.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

A mere day after Antonin Scalia wrote the Supreme Court opinion to strike down Washington DC’™s restrictions on hand guns, a guy in Washington State demonstrated what a good idea this was. From in Spokane:

According to the Spokane Police Department, ‘œa 42-year-old male was playing with his gun and assumed it was unloaded ‘¦ He attempted to prove it was safe and unloaded it by pointing it at his face and pulling the trigger.’

The former brother-in-law of the victim identified the man as James Estes, who was rushed to Sacred Heart Medical Center. He remained in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition early Thursday afternoon.

Scalia thinks that a handgun is necessary for those who experience a home invasion, and can thus point the gun while simultaneously calling the police. Yes, that is in his opinion. As this case from Spokane notes, gun owners are rarely that smart.

Friday, June 27th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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