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Is our national infrastructure so fragile that a five pound muskrat can bore a hole in a levee in Missouri, and cause it to fail?


We’™ve all watched the flooding in the midwest unfold over the past few weeks like a slow motion train wreck. Levee after levee has failed, and thousands of people have been displaced and millions of farm acres are under water.

The latest levee failure is being attributed to a muskrat burrowing under a levee in Winfield, Missouri:

And on Friday morning, in Lincoln County, Mo., the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’™ efforts were undermined by another threat: muskrats.

The little critters made enough holes in the earthen berm to significantly weaken the Pin Oak agricultural levee, and overnight rains helped the floodwaters break through Friday morning around 5:30 a.m. The muskrats were looking for food or seeking to make dens in the levee, and emergency crews had had to patch up a hole earlier in the week created by a single burrowing muskrat, whose hard work was described as creating a ‘œgeyser of river water.’

The levee was the last one remaining in Lincoln County and was protecting about 100 homes, which were immediately evacuated. Almost 700 homes in the area have been damaged by flooding’¦.

Is the state of our national infrastructure so bad that a five pound animal can bring down a flood control levee and drown a town?

No one could have predicted’¦

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