Bush/Cheney Ride Popularity, Reject US Intel on Iran Nukes

Bush and Cheney are riding a wave of popularity unseen since 9/11. 23% is the number of those who agree with their mission, so it appears they’vce decided to gamble on their huge numbers and reject US Intelligence estimates about Iran. Does this mean they are going to open a second front there? Listen to Mitch McConnell.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Bush and Cheney are just as popular as they always were, scoring a full 23% approval rating in the latest LA Times poll, which is easily as much approval as they deserve. Heck, one could likely those 23% would stay with them if they decided to mount an offensive in Iran. And that’s just what Seymour Hirsh claims they are going to do. But not before Bush and Cheney listen to their own Intelligence Agency’s opinions on the Iran Nuke program, and then summarily reject the report. Here’s the LA Times poll, and here’s the story about the US Intel.

Why did they reject US Intelligence estimates about how the Iranians don’t have an active nuclear program? …


Monday, June 30th, 2008 by Steven Reynolds |

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