Racist Anti-Obama Vandalism in Florida

Racism in america can be very ugly, and it can be ugly even in the I-4 corridor in Florida, one of the ‘œswing’ regions of the state. This time the case is about racist graffiti spray painted onto government vehicles, all of which is anti-Obama. The real story revolves around the clues the culprits left behind.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

There it is. A vandal or two wrote clearly racist messages on a bunch of city vehicles in Orlando, and Barack Obama was the target. This isn’™t going to surprise anyone who has been watching this race, but the red herrings left at the scene just might be a surprise. the vandals left a bunch of business cards denouncing Obama and McCain, and there are supposedly words that indicate the culprits were Hillary Clinton supporters. I don’™t believe the red herrings for a minute’¦


Monday, June 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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