How to Fix the Bush Deficit: Charge Admission to Republican Perp Walks

How could we solve the GOP/Bush budget deficit crisis, which has reached historic proportions? Let’™s charge money to people who want to watch the GOP Preps walk in their orange jumpsuits towards to bench. Yeah, that’™s the ticket!

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Today’™s GOP Perp is Ted Stevens. And it comes on the day we hear that the Bush Administration deficits, over 482 billion dollars, plus charges for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are the highest in the history of our country. But there is a solution. Let’™s rent out a big stadium and charge people to show up to watch folks like Ted Stevens do the perp walk.

How much would they get charging people to see Monica Goodling sashaying down to the bench wearing a chic prison orange jumpsuit? And if they’™d done this starting in the year 2001, when Bush came into office, we could have seen Abramoff in his fedora, Rush Limbaugh smoking a cigar, Ann Coulter smelling up the joint, Bill O’™Reilly and his sexual harassment thing, and so, so many more. Can you imagine watching the perp walk of Larry Craig? He’™d be wide stancing it all down the aisle, wouldn’™t he? How about David Vitter? You could make him walk in an orange diaper or something.

I’™m disgusted. The only way the Bushies could balance the budget is to hold some sort of Roman Gladiator thing where the GOP criminals faced it off in their orange jumpsuits and fought until the loudest whine carried the day. Heck, that would be about thirty seconds.

[/end rant]

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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