I’ll Take Culture of Corruption for $1000, Alex

Ted Stevens has a PAC that gives to the campaigns of Republicans. Al Franken is the first to call for Republicans, Norm Coleman in particular, to give the money back to the indicted Ted Stevens. No word from Coleman, or any of the others on whether they will keep the tainted funds.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Norm Coleman, Elizabeth Dole, John McCain and Gordon Smith. Will they return campaign money given to them by Ted Stevens’™ PAC?

So, what’™s the question to which these four, and others, are the answer? How about this: Who are embattled Republicans who are recipients of Ted Stevens’™ PAc largess in 2008? If you got that one, you win this round of Jeopardy in the category of ‘œCulture of Corruption.’ Politico has the story of many who received contributions from Stevens, and that Al Franken has taken the lead in asking that the money be returned. No word in that case whether Norm Coleman keeps the tainted Stevens donation or gives it back. Also no word from John McCain, Elizabeth Dole, Gordon Smith, and other Republicans who accepted Ted Stevens’™ money.

The FEC page listing the expenditures for Stevens’™ Northern Lights PAC lists several Senators and Congressmen who have recived contributions from Stevens. It also lists expenditures for some odd fundraising expenses, such as $256 to a place called ‘œPoker Bargains,’ and $206 to a place called ‘œIsland Smoke Shop.

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