Israel’s Olmert to Resign

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert announced today that he won’™t be seeking re-election, and will resign as PM when a successor is chosen. Olmert is embroiled in several scandals, but there are those who believe that he’™s been the ‘œresistance point’ in the Bush administration’™s efforts to goad Israel to attack Iran.


Israeli media is reporting that embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will not be seeking re-election in September, and will step down as Prime Minister:

Olmert is currently under two separate criminal investigations. One involves suspicions that he took bribes from American businessman Morris Talansky and the other, dubbed ‘Olmertours’™ by the media, charges him with submitting duplicate claims for travel expenses during his former office as trade minister and mayor of Jerusalem.

Olmert has denied wrongdoing with respect to the police probes, but has said he would resign if indicted.

The fact that Olmert is stepping down is a very big deal. Indictments may indeed be coming, but most importantly, it’™s become increasingly clear that Olmert can no longer lead an effective governing coalition. Perhaps he’™s just accepting the inevitability of a ‘œno confidence’ vote, were he to remain in power. Olmert’™s favorability rating is at least 10 points lower than George Bush’™s.

Obviously, the million dollar question becomes: who will take his place?

Uber-hawk Benjamin Netanyahu? That seems to be the direction that Bush administration necons would prefer to push. Would that be the last piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place for BushCo to prod Israel to attack Iran before the U.S. elections?

I’™m sure that Dick Cheney is already burning up the phone lines.

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