Republican Pundits Gone Wild, WSJ Version

Those Wall Street Journal Editors say the Darnedest things, don’™t they? This time they used the words ‘œhonest’ and ‘œRepublican’ in the same sentence as they discussed Senator Ted Stevens. I’™m thinking they are trying to be elitist or something. Perhaps they are building a rhetorical bridge to nowhere or something.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

This is the first sentence of an editorial in the Wall Street Journal concerning the indictment of GOP Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. From the WSJ:

Yesterday’™s seven-count indictment of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is another blow to the Republican Congressional reputation for honest government ‘” as well as the party’™s chances of avoiding big losses in November. Minority parties don’™t typically defeat a majority when more of their own Members are being indicted for corruption.

Whe big boys at the Wall Street Journal evidently haven’™t been paying attention these last seven years. The Republican Party, if they ever had a reputation for honesty, lost that reputation long, long ago. We can debate if they ever had such a reputation, and we can debate just when they lost it. Did they lost it when Rove ran the South Carolina campaign against McCain in 2000? Or when the K Street Strategy Abramoffed in their faces? Did they lose it when the Senate Majority leader diagnosed Terri Schiavo via video? Did they lose it under the leadership of Gingrich, DeLay, Bush, or Frist?

Oh, there’™s a lot to debate, but one cannot claim one little bit that the Republican Party at present has a reputation for honest government. Corrupt government, yes. Incompetent government, yes. But the word ‘œhonest’ simply can’™t be used in the same sentence as ‘œRepublican.’

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