Bruce Ivins Update: Stranger and Stranger

This morning, the saga of Bruce E. Ivins continues with revelations that any pending indictments were still weeks away, and that evidence presented to a grand jury to date was circumstantial. Still, apparently the feds are rushing to close the case. And Jean Carol Duley? She has a few legal problems of her own…

Commentary By: Richard Blair

I suppose I should just link straight to Glenn Greenwald this morning – he’s been doing some very heavy lifting on the entire Bruce Ivins story. But I thought that I’d chime in with a couple of quick observations, in addition to my previous discussion of the issue.

Apparently, the breathless legacy media stories that Ivins committed suicide just as he was about to be indicted in the 2001 anthrax attacks were, ehhhh, a bit premature. According to reports this morning, a vast majority of the evidence presented to date was circumstantial, at best. It was expected that the grand jury presentations would continue at least another couple of weeks, prior to a decision to indict (or not). As I previously mentioned, grand juries operate in secrecy for a variety of reasons, so it’s not clear how (or why) this information was leaked. In other words, the stated reasons for Bruce Ivins to kill himself in a very painful and protracted manner aren’t holding a lot of water at the moment.

It’s also unclear whether or not Ivins still had his security clearance, but it appears as if he was still cleared for the Ft. Detrick bioweapons lab as recently as mid-July. Clearly, that’s a pretty strange thing, particularly for someone that was so close to potential indictment on WMD homicide related activity charges.

And the “psychologist” being so liberally quoted in the legacy media, in an attempt to establish Ivins as a true loonball with homicidal tendencies? She’s not. Jean Carol Duley is a social worker, who has her own significant legal history (whereas Bruce Ivins never had as much as a parking ticket).

As this story was breaking last week, I opined that several key components of the case just didn’t add up. At the beginning of a new week, I’m even less convinced.

Also see: here and here (particularly for comments from some of Ivins’ colleagues).

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