Busy News Day Roundup: Ney, McCain, Gustav

The news is coming hot and heavy today. Bob Ney claims he was a “political prisoner”, Gustav is poised to take no prisoners on the gulf coast on the 3 year anniversary of Katrina, and McCain is poised to announce his VP selection (who presumably isn’t in prison).

Commentary By: Richard Blair

It’s one of those days where there’s so much to keep up with – and damn the luck, I have a day job and just can’t do justice to all of the breaking news. Here’s a quick roundup:

Bob Ney: “BushCo Went After Me Because of Iran”

I’m not sure why this story never became a bigger deal than it was when it broke last year – basically, convicted Abramoff felon Bob Ney is saying that the BushCo DOJ went after him so hard because he forwarded “peace proposals” from Iran to the Whitehouse in 2003 (via the Swiss embassy). The existence of the proposal has been previously verified by several people close to the discussions, however, the Cheney / Rumsfeld cabal put the kibosh on engaging Tehran. More background here and here. It’s amazing that the legacy media can go after a sex scandal so voraciously, but when it comes to a story like this, there’s no investigation and it falls down the memory hole.

Officials may evacuate New Orleans as Gustav nears

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Gustav’s arrival. The storm has already affected my own work life rather dramatically, since many of the customers I deal with are in the deep south and/or on the gulf coast. They’re in a panic mode. And it’s quite serendipitous that an evacuation order for New Orleans could come as soon as tomorrow, the anniversary of Katrina. As Steven noted earlier, should Gustav ramp up as predicted, he could overshadow the GOP convention early next week.

McCain selects his VP

Proving that there is indeed no honor among thieves, the GOP is doing everything possible to steal the thunder from the wrap-up of the Dem convention this evening. McCain will be making a live address / ad this evening, right in the middle of the Dem proceedings at Invesco Field in Denver.

I remember a time in the not too distant past when both political parties honored their opposition’s “day in the sun”, and that there were (for all intents and purposes) gentlemen’s agreements that there wouldn’t be any overt campaigning by the opposition during either party’s convention. The GOP already parachuted Rudy Gi911iani and Mitt Romney into Denver to grab some spotlight (Gi911iani was given a big segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today). And now the McCain camp is desperately trying, via their Drudgehorn, to get the chattering class chattering about his pick this evening, rather than the pinnacle of the Dem convention. And it’ll probably work.

One can only hope that the Dems have a similar plan for next week. I hate tit-for-tat politics as much as the next person, but what the GOP has been trying to pull all week (with some degree of success) isn’t sporting in the least. But then, in their recent Rovian history, that particular attribute hasn’t been much of a concern to the snipers in the Republican Party.

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