GOP Racist Wins Party Office in Florida

Down in Limbaugh and Coulter coutry, Palm Beach County, they just elected a Republican Committeeman with plenty of White Supremacist experience. Heck, his Dad is a former KKK Grand Wizard and his Mom used to be married to David Duke. Derek Black still lives at home, but may not end up as a committeeman after all.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

OK, he’™s just going to be GOP Committeeman in Palm Beach, but there’™s no doubt Derek Black has some fine racist roots. He’™s just a teenager, but he’™s the son of Donald Black, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and publisher of the racist web site (sorry, I will not link there). His mother is David Duke’™s ex-wife. If that isn’™t enough, young Mr. Derek Black was quite the little Klansman in his impressionable youth. From the Palm Beach Post:

Young Derek Black is still living at his family’™s home on Lakeland Drive, according to records.

It is from that location that Don Black, his dad, produces a racist Web site, Several entries in blogs on the site Wednesday were stuffed with ethnic slurs directed at blacks, Jewish people and Hispanics, in addition to spelling and grammar mistakes.

But Derek has also made a name for himself in this country’™s white supremacist crowd.

In 2001, he was just 12 when USA Today highlighted his work at creating a children’™s page on That page included white supremacist songs, bulletin boards and anti-Martin Luther King bedtime stories. Don Black, the story pointed out, keeps a photo of his son in a Confederate uniform on his desk.

The teenage boy, who sports flaming red hair, is currently listed as a radio commentator on his dad’™s site.

To the Republicans credit, they are saying they require candidates to sign a loyalty oath, and Derek Black has not done so. They’™re going to disqualify him. They require loyalty oaths???

The real problem here is that the Republican Party down in the Coulter and Limbaugh part of Florida didn’™t do a good job vetting their candidates. Sure, they see their mistake now, but it is their incompetence that got them into this mess. Still, a group that requires loyalty oaths fits right in whith White Supremacist groups, doesn’™t it?

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