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‘¦from the Mile High City’¦


The past couple of nights have been a lot of fun at ASZ, with Daniel DiRito onsite at the Dem Convention in Denver doing both live commentary and video from the Pepsi Center, and the rest of the ASZ regulars (and even some irregulars) sniping from the comfort of our keyboards. If you haven’™t yet had the opportunity to join us, check it out today starting around 6PM EDT. To get a sense of how much fun this has been, click here, then click on the paused live blog. You’™ll get a recap of yesterday’™s events.

This evening, the scene shifts to Invesco Field, where Barack Obama will give his acceptance speech. The Dem (and GOP) concern trolls are already out in force, and are pontificating that such a large audience at the stadium will only serve to reinforce the GOP’™s ‘œrock star’ meme of Obama.

So, join us tonight and avoid the gasbaggery of the cable news talking heads and the GOP toadies who are mucking up the TV coverage of the event! We’™re not quite sure how well the video and audio feed will work out from Invesco Field (this whole thing’™s been a technology learning experience on the fly), but we’™ll be here until the events wrap up.

Please, enjoy responsibly! :D

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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