McCain to Repeat the Supension of His Campaign?

It is hard to believe, but goaded by FoxNews commentators who praised McCain’™s failed stunt of last week, where he suspended his campaign and threatened the Presidential debates, McCain strated he is considering doing so again. The old dog is not learning new tricks.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Not really! Are they sure? Well, he mentioned the possibility when interviewed by FoxNews. Here’™s the link at TalkingPointsMemo.

His quote is, ‘œI’™ll do whatever is necessary, and I’™ll put my Presidential campaign on the back burner if necessary.’

No, this isn’™t some sort of time travel to last week.

Wow! This guy doesn’™t learn.

Meanwhile, back at the Gallup poll, McCain ranks as less effective than Congress in addressing the bailout.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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