Prepping For Watching the Biden/Palin Debate, Understanding Gibberish

What do you do to prep for the debate? Stock up on moose meat? Well, I’™m reading everything, including all of the potential answers Palin could make. There’™s a new site on the web that gives it all to me, and lets me practice translating that gibberish Sarah Palin is known for. You know it’™s a code only moose can understand, don’™t you?

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Oh, I’™m not sure if I’™m going to have a drinking game or anything during the Biden/Palin debate. That just might get dangerous, and it’™s a school night, after all. But I am prepping for the debate. First, I’™m reading articles like this one on the ABCNews web site, so I know everything about these two master debaters that I can get my hands on. But I’™ve got another task.

You see, I’™m thinking when Sarah Palin was answering those questions from Katie Couric and saying sentences that really didn’™t make sense, she must have been speaking another language, or in code Maybe only the Fundamentalist Christians can understand her. Heck, in that code she speaks in she could have been saying that when she’™s elected they’™d go ahead and build that Bridge to Nowhere and use it for the rapture or something, as a sort of stairway to heaven or something. But if she said it in code, how would we know? This is serious, but I’™ve got an answer. Practice. Yeah, we’™re talkin’™ ‘™bout practice!

Practice at what? Well, now we have the Sarah Palin Interview Generator. It will produce the question and then the patented gibberish to match. I’™m going to spend hours at this thing, so I’™m definitely going to be ready for the big show Thursday night in St. Louis. Here’™s a sample from the Sarah Palin Interview Generator:

Q: How will you fix the economy?

A: The economy and putting it back on the right reasons and serving something greater than himself and not just let one party try to kind of that closed door, good old boy network that has been the Washington elite. I don’™t know if the task is from Alaska that we work with our allies, pressuring, also, helping us to remind Russia that it’™s in their country, also. They understand the dangers of terrorists having a stronghold in regions of their country, also. They understand the dangers of terrorists having a stronghold in regions of their country, also. And I asked President Karzai, ‘œIs that what you are seeking, also? That strategy that has much to do this with you.

OK, cracking this code may be harder than it appeared at first glance. Maybe we need some help from Tina Fey or something. But, then, how does one tell Tina Fey from Sarah Palin? What if Tina does the debate instead and nobody could tell?

Enquiring minds want to . . . well, ‘œknow’ is a relative term, isn’™t it?

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