“Where’s Joe?” – Did The Plumber Just Flush McCain?

Either John McCain is a confused camper or Joe the Plumber has moved onto greener pastures. Either way, the McCain campaign is looking more and more like a sinking ship where it’™s every man or woman for themselves.

Commentary By: Daniel DiRito

So much for Joe the Plumber! Now that Joe is busy turning his fifteen minutes of fame into a book deal or a country music recording contract’¦or some other means to capitalize on his notoriety so he can actually earn the 250K he told Barack Obama he planned to make when he bought his fictional plumbing business’¦he’™s suddenly missing in action at John McCain’™s rally in Ohio. Watch McCain ask Joe to stand up at his rally this morning; only to realize that Joe is no where to be found.

Yep, just like their honorable leader, Joe and Sarah put country first, eh? Apparently NOT’¦Joe has taken the same route as Sarah Palin‘¦the one where it’™s every man or woman for themselves (maybe Sarah and Joe can be paired up on the GOP ticket in 2012?). It’™s also consistent with the McBush economic philosophy’¦the one they like to call ‘œThe Ownership Society’’¦the one that Barack Obama appropriately described as the ‘œyou’™re on your own’ philosophy.

You see, while John McCain has been busy selling us on the notion that Joe the Plumber and the rest of us hard working Americans will be the victims of Barack Obama’™s ‘œsocialist’ agenda, he and his hypocritical minions have been busy looking for the means to snatch power and line their own pockets.

Yes, John McCain believes in change’¦the kind that puts the big bucks in the hands of the wealthy’¦the kind that leaves the rest of us checking our pockets for enough change to feed our families.

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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