Why is John McCain Funding Terrorism?

John McCain is trying to smear Barack Obama with a relationship to Rashid Khalidi, a man he implies is a terrorist. But back in the early 90′™s John McCain headed the International Republican Institute, which funded Mr. Khalidi’™s academic pursuits. So why does John McCain fund people he thinks are terrorists, and why does he hate America?

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

I just finished writing about this, but I think it deserves another go. McCain is trying to smear Barack Obama with a supposed relationship to Rashid Khalidi, a US citizen and distinguished academic who used to be the spokesperson for the PLO. Turns out McCain, in his role as the Chairman of the International Republican Institute, granted Khalidi $448,000 to carry out a study concerning peace in the Middle East. I think that’™s money well spent. Evidently the McCain campaign thinks that is equivalent to funding terrorism.

Why is McCain funding terrorism? Why does he hate America?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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