Flat Stanley Visits Barack Obama, Courtesy of Aron Mondschein, 7

This is heart warming. A class of kids in Connecticut wrote letters to famous people, and Aron wrote his to Barack Obama. Obama wrote back, and it’s all over the Hartford Courant. Aron is a celebrity and the letter is personal and sweet. Hey, folks, that’s Presidential, too. Nobody can imagine McCain doing the same thing, can they?

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

This is heart warming. A kid in a Jewish school in West Hartford Connecticut sends a letter, just like the rest of his class, to a famous person. In his case it is Barack Obama. He includes the Flat Stanley character from the book the class is reading. And he gets an answer from Obama. Here it is from the Hartford Courant:

An envelope addressed to her son, Aron, 7, had been delivered to the school that morning. It was from Barack Obama, senator from Illinois and Democratic presidential candidate.

“They were all excited,” Mondschein said. “The whole school was abuzz. They took a picture of [Aron]. He was like a little celebrity.”

. . .

Obama’s three-page letter to Aron described Flat Stanley’s visit with him and his staff in Washington, D.C. It chronicled their busy day together, which included coffee with constituents, a Senate committee meeting and a trip to the gym. It also had historical facts about the U.S. Capitol, details of Obama’s job and a confession from Obama.

“Sometimes I get a little nervous before talking in front of a crowd, but Flat Stanley helped me practice the speech,” Obama wrote. “He made me recite it in front of him and then even gave me some advice so the speech would go smoothly. Flat Stanley is really a great coach.”

To make this truly inspirational, Barack Obama would have written the letter himself. I sure hope that’s the case. The beautiful thing is that he’s made a little boy he has never met a celebrity in his own right.

Hey, if Obama wins this thing I think Aron and his mother ought to be invited to the Inaugural Ball. Yamulka and all. After all, it is that affable and personable Obama who has charged to the finish line, as cool as can be, but with warmth enough even for a little boy.

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