This Week’s Political Fiction/Yawner: Tweety Running for Senate

Arlen Specter’™s seat in the Senate is going to be challenged by none other than Chris Matthews of Hardball? Now there’™s a Celebrity Death Match I’™d yawn through. To be serious, we’™ve got a lot more urgent issues in this country than this potential race between Mr. Single Bullet theory and the wienie who is Chris Matthews.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Is he going to run against the Dinosaur Arlen Specter? Will Pennsylvanians get to see a real live celebrity coming to their town to campaign? Will someone finally make the single bullet theory a campaign issue? Will Tweety be able to keep his big yap shut and act like a politician, or will that even cancel out his celebrity? All good questions, and the web is in a tizzy the last few days over the possibility of Chris Matthews gearing up to run for Senate in 2010 in PA. Sorry, I’™ve been more productive those last two days yawning and such. Is the latest news from the center of the state of PA, Patriot News? I suppose so:

Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’™s ‘œHardball,’ isn’™t ready to say he’™s running for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, but he continues to talk with top Democrats about the possibility.

Matthews met with state Democratic Party officials this week to talk about challenging Republican Sen. Arlen Specter in 2010. He met with Democratic State Committee Chairman T.J. Rooney and executive director Mary Isenhour in Washington, D.C., to discuss the logistics involved in a Senate run.

Isenhour said she left that meeting convinced Matthews has not made up his mind about running.

This story of Chris Matthews coming back to PA to run for Senate is capturing the hearts and minds of nearly everyone. Man! Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and Huffington Post is giving advice on how Tweety could beat Specter. Quinnipiac has run a poll pitting Matthews against Specter. is running a story about how Chris Matthews is staffing up for a Senate run, and Talkingpointsmemo is running a story with a Matthews nondenial denial about staffing up. There’™s a frenzy going on, and if I were smart I’™d just stay out of it.

I’™ll settle on a yawn. First, the PA Senate seat isn’™t so important. Arlen Specter will be running for his last term in office, he’™ll be in the minority and during a Democratic Presidency to boot. I don’™t mean to praise Mr. Specter any, but the Republican Party has changed mightily since he first ran for Senate, and while he’™s not been all that mavericky, GOP values are not Specter’™s values. One imagines that he’™s tired of having felt the whip these last few years as the Republicans forced him into line time and time again. All this is to say that I’™d not concentrate any national money here in an effort to unseat Specter, as there are plenty of other Republicans I’™d rather see get the boot. Sure, SPecter has done some dispicable things while Bush is in power, but now a Democrat is in power, and I fully expect Specter to turn into the wind a bit. All this is to say I don’™t see this seat as a huge priority.

Matthews? Why would we want Matthews as a Senator? He hardly makes a good TV talking head. If it weren’™t that Matthews was a God in comparison to his counterparts over at FoxNews, we’™d think Matthews was some kind of numbnut hick who couldn’™t report work a pile of crap. Matthews has already got the world in the palm of his hands anyway, what with the Chris Matthews Show and Hardball. He’™s the darling of all the talking heads and the heir to the Russet mantle. Why the heck would he want to go to the Senate, assuming he could beat Specter?

OK, ok, I know Matthews has a long history in politics, that he wrote speeches for Carter, worked for Tip O’™Neill, b lah, blah, blah! Yeah, I’™ve watched Hardball enough that I know the stories by heart. A strong bio does not make a candidate, a hot gossipy news story, or even anything all that interesting. There is a simple bottom line.

Look, Arlen Specter huffed and puffed and threatened to stand in the way of the Bush Administration spying on American citizens. Then he backed down and let the Bushies abuse our sivil rights. Bad Boy, Arlen. Tweety won a Media Matters of America Award for ‘œMisinformer of the Year’ in 2005. It’™s not like we’™d be replacing Specter with the higher priced spread or something. In fact, this would be like replacing day old white bread with day old whole wheat. Still day old, still not all that much nutritional vale, and both of them would be squashed by poltiical pressure as easily.

This is a stupid issue for all sorts of folks to be getting excited about.

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 by Richard Blair |

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