Tim Pawlenty is This Year’s Katherine Harris?

Katherine Harris changed the election in 2000, bigtime, and it looks like Tim Pawlenty is going to do the same this year in the race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. At the very least, Pawlenty will keep from sanctioning Franken’™s victory. Are all Republicans against democratic voting, or is it just those lusting for power?

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

It is beginning to look like it is so. The Senate Race in Minnesota is very tight, and there’™s not many of us who are ready to call it, though some media outlets are calling the race for Al Franken. So, what’™s going to happen? It is beginning to look lke Tim Pawlenty. the Republican in the mix, is going to gum up the works. Here’™s a bit from The Hill:

Still, even if Franken ends the Canvassing Board period with a lead, it is unlikely he would be appointed on an interim basis. Senate rules stipulate a governor must provide the upper chamber with a certificate of election, something Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) has voiced reluctance about.

Pawlenty’™s office told the Star Tribune that the governor only has the power to fill a permanent vacancy, not a temporary one caused by such a close election.

Hey, this is a chance for Pawlenty to earn his Republican cred, isn’™t it, to step in and prevent a democratic victory. I’™m not giving an opinion on who won or losty here, though I’™m sure that America will be better off with Norm coleman on the sidelines. Still, Pawlenty digging his nose in is likely, if he wants to be seen as a frntrunner in 2012. That’™s what Republicans like, after all, a man who will nudge an election, regardless of the outcome.

Can someone do me a photoshp of Pawlenty and Harris? That would be sweet, wouldn’™t it?

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