GOP in California, Who Once Gave us Reagan, Now Dying

Three cheers for an incisive analysis and post-mortm of the death of the California GOP by Jon Ponder, a blogger at Pensito Review. The only question not answered explicitly is whether the death was by natural causes, murder or suicide. The elderly electorate the GOP there depend upon are dying, too, so maybe I’™ll go for natural causes rather than suicide.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

The stellar work here is by Jon Ponder of Pensito Review. Go read his article. Quoting from the LA Times and Fox&Hounds Daily, Pensito the strong case, echoing Republican Tony Quinn, that the Republican Party in California is dead. As Ponder of Pensito notes:

The only bright spot for the state GOP in 2008 was the success of Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment. They are quick to bask in the glory, but you won’™t hear them claiming credit. They were not major players in fundraising or the campaign. It wasn’™t that they weren’™t eager to join in all the gay-hatin’™ fun. (Not hardly.) They couldn’™t participate because they are broke.

Anti-gay ballot measures have been highly effective at getting out the Republican vote in most states ‘” the tactic may have helped George Bush win reelection in Ohio in 2004. But Prop 8 had no coattails in California. It didn’™t help John McCain, and California Republicans even lost ground in Sacramento, where Democrats added one seat in the Senate and two in the Assembly to their majorities.

So even in a time when a ballot measure whipped the conservatives in California into such a frenzy that they took away rights from gays, the Republicans lost ground electorally. Why? The Republican party in California is run by the anti-gay, anti-abortion religious crowd. They simply won’™t allow a candidate who can’™t pass the religious litmus tests to run, and California, despite the vote on Proposition 8, is a pretty accepting place.

I’™m particularly encouraged by Tony Quinn’™s words, that the California Republican Party is a ‘œdying party of geriatric voters.’ That says almost all that Quinn needs to say.

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