Pet “Value” Returns After Being Missing for Eight Years!

The Republicans are opposing the Obama fiscal stimulus package, pretending they have been for fiscal sanity all along, ignoring they played vital roles in George Bush’™s destruction of our economy. Now they want to use opposition to the plan as a political weapon, caring more for political power, once again, than for the good of the country.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

I remember the story of the Incredible Journey from my youth. Two dogs and a cat, mistfits of sorts, got lost, and their journey was to find their family. It was made into a Disney movie, all sweetness and happy endings. A fable really, of the tender values of a pet, the neglecting of those values, and then the values themselves coming home. There were dangers along the way for those animals, but the story ended as all fables do, with a happy reunion and love all around. Kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya!

GOP values of fiscal responsibility have been lost through neglect for lo these eight years of the disaster that was the Bush Presidency. While Mitch McConnell might want to blame President Bush for all the GOP troubles, there is no disputing that McConnell and his fellow GOP Congressional and Senate leaders have led the way in neglecting fiscal responsibility. The result is a US economy torn by GOP incompetence, a credit crisis, rising unemployment, layoffs, bankruptcies, etc. But wait, here’™s the news. Republicans are once again claiming they are the party of small government and fiscal responsibility, just days after the man they aided and abetted in neglecting those values has helicoptered off to Crawford, TX.

I’™m here to tell you, obstructionism is not a value. And there’™s no sign that the pet values of the Republican Party have actually come returned. Still, those Republicans, on a fantasy trip of their own, are planning on claiming those values once again, without once referring to their own orgy of excess over the last eight years. From the Washington Post:

‘œHow about those House Republicans?’ cheered Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a vocal small-government advocate, at a Heritage Foundation appearance yesterday.

‘œHouse Republicans said we would stand up for American taxpayers at this time of economic hardship for our nation. And last night, standing together, that’™s exactly what we did,’ House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) wrote yesterday in a memo to his colleagues that was released to reporters. ‘œI am proud of our team.’

Republicans credited their leadership team for keeping them united in the demand for more tax cuts and less spending in the bill, providing a boost for Boehner, who three months ago faced questions about whether he could retain his position as House Republicans were headed for another election marked by heavy losses.

As the vote on the bill neared, Republicans expected overwhelming opposition, but party leaders also anticipated at least a handful of defections.

Conservative talk show hosts whipped up opposition to the bill, and Republicans said they received dozens of e-mails and phone calls about it, almost all voicing opposition. In a meeting with congressional leaders, Obama warned against following the lead of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. But on the day of the vote, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was on Limbaugh’™s show, laughing as the host referred to the ‘œporkulus’ bill.

To allow these Republicans to have any say in righting our financial condition in this country, to have any say in fiscal policy, when they can’™t even acknowledge their own major role in the fiscal disaster before us, is akin to allowing the schoolyard bully to be made hall monitor. That these men who have lost their fiscal bvalues can go on Rush Limbaugh’™s show and laugh at the only ones attempting to right this sinking economic ship is far more shameful than CEOs getting bonuses. These folks are now trying to use the economy for their own political gain. That much is clear. From the Associated Press:

Republicans began pushing back Thursday. The two concessions were mighty small, they said, and Democrats ignored the GOP’™s alternative package that included more tax cuts and less spending, especially for programs with no obvious promise for stimulating the economy quickly.

Having Congress do nothing is not an option, ‘œalthough sometimes our Democratic friends would like to present the false choice,’ Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., told reporters.

If a Democratic measure fails to improve the economy, Kyl said, then in about six months Republicans will ‘œbe in the position to say, ‘We didn’™t have the input into this that we needed, and that’™s why it hasn’™t worked.’™’

We need to be very clear here. The American people will not put up with the likes of Jon Kyl and his Republican co-conspirators playing politics with out money, with our jobs, and with our economy. Certainly the press cannot be counted on to call the GOP on such a mendacious political posture, so the word needs to start from here, from the blogzome, where reality is far more real than are the fractured fables by which the Republicans seem to live.

Meanwhile, the fiscal values Republicans once cherished are still wandering int he wildreness. What really returned to the GOP stable was Bill the Cat in Rovian drag. Ack!

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