CPAC Idiocies and Whackjobberies

Whackjobbery is running rampant at this year’™s CPAC conference. The attendees are laughing at the possibility of Chicago being bombed, are cheering discredited whack job theories about how Obama is not a citizen and elegible for the Presidency, and are being advised by the #1 Republican this side of Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

The Republicans simply can’™t get enough of the whackjobbery, can they? This weekend is the annual CPAC conference at the Omni Shoreham in Washington. They’™ve got the usual suspects speaking, and last night the big stars were John Bolton and Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media. Bolton joked about Chicago getting bombed, garnering big laughs from the intensely patriotic crowd. Yes, laughter. This is what passes for patriotism among Republicans, laughter at the notion of the President’™s hometown getting hit by a nuclear weapon. It is said that Joe Scarborough warned Republicans at the conference that they should work on their tone, but they’™re evidently not listening to Morning Joe.

Cliff Kincaid, who claims to be all about safeguarding Accuracy in Media, decided to peddle the thoroughly discredited notion that Barack Obama is not a citizen. Yeah, there’™s a ton of irony there, that a man who purports to make his living identifying accuracy would be peddling this crock of horse shit. But he knows his audience. Kincaid’™s speech, where he makes the absurd remarks, evidently drew thundrous applause. Kincaid was working the faithful, whack jobs to a man, evidently. Good reaction from the whack jobs at the suggestion that Obama is a communist, too. No, still no sense of shame seen anywhere near the Omni Shoreham this weekend. (Hmm, I’™ve got a friend who works as a bartender there. Hmm!)

Perhaps the biggest act of whackjobbery at the CPAC conference is the presence of Joe the Plumber, now in his role as Joe the Political Advisor. The CPAC folks have Joe the Plumber, incompetent even at finishing his apprenticeship as a plumber, advising young conservatives as a panelist. Maybe he’™s going to advise them how they, too, can become attention whores. No, we’™re not talking about Larry Craig here.

Perhaps the cutest bit is the list of exhibitors on the CPAC web site. Most of those listed seem to be conservative organizations. I’™m thinking this is like a trade show. A whole bunch of conservatives/Republicans, like Joe the Plumber, can’™t seem to make a living without becoming professional attention whores. They are professional whack jobs, having evidently failed at being professional in any other way.

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