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I just got a phone call, a push poll probably sponsored by the energy sector in this country. The distortions int he questions pushed greater exploration and claimed it would create jobs. That is counter to the energy plan that’s on the table. They sure didn’t mention global warming or energy dependence. Renewables? Not so much.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

I just answered it moments ago. There were two questions, besides the ones that asked about my gender and age. The first straw man they brought up was about how the energy companies were blocked from exploring for oil, and the second question claimed there would be 160,000 jobs if only the energy companies could explore for oil with no impediment.

Now I’m thinking the energy companies have made a huge amount of profits in the last couple years. I’ve heard also that several energy companies have backed out of research into renewable energy and the like. They must know that in this political environment they aren’t going to get a great reception on Capital Hill. So where do they spend those billions of dollars of profits? Push polls!

I’m sure the energy companies have a lot of real smart people working for them, but push polls are not going to change American attitudes or policy. Sure, if the real smart people at the energy companies are Republicans they just might think push polls are a good idea. But, really, all the thinly disquised advocacy poll is going to do is piss people off when they see through the poll. Sure, there might be many people who can’t see through a push poll, but I’m betting America as a whole is wising up to that tactic. And think about it a moment. The part of the electorate they need to convince, the educated part of the electorate, is voting Obama. And they’re the ones, my gut tells me, who are going to be offended by the energy companies spending their profits by trying to trick people concerning energy policy.

Stupid, stupid.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009 by Steven Reynolds |

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