Joe the Plumber and Tucker Carlson to Wed in Vermont

Tucker Carlson and Joe the Plumber are announcing their engagement on the web site Politico, and will be travelling to Vermont to wed as soon as the Governor signs the Marriage Equality Act. They make a cute couple. No word on the size of the engagement rings, but that may be too much information, anyways.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

They are ecstatic, I hear, that the Vermont Senate has passed the Marriage Equality Act, and can’™t wait until the Vermont House does the same. I also hear they are lobbying the Republican Governor of Vermont to sign the bill once it passes.

Don’™t they look beautiful in their blue dresses? Sure, some are saying those ‘œsnuggies’ are sweeping the Republican world, but we all know that Tucker and Joe look special together and this is truly their ‘œsomething blue.’ What, they don’™t come in red? Leave it to these two crazy guys to eschew the traditional white gowns.

Well, I’™m sure they’™ll make a happy couple. I hope we can all celebrate with them soon.

Friday, March 27th, 2009 by Richard Blair |
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