Preemptive Republican Whining

The GOP filed a challenge to yesterday’s Congressional election in New York before the election was even finished, much less the votes counted. They will be appealing the 2012 Presidential election tommorrow.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Here’s the story from Firedoglake concerning the special Congressional election in New York state:

The Dutchess County Clerk’s Office has confirmed to FDL that Tedisco’s people have filed an ex parte motion in order, the effect of which would be to investigate and overturn today’s election results, should the outcome not be to Republicans’ liking.

What you don’t see here is that this piece was filed at 12:26 pm on election day. Yes, the Republicans challenged the election before it was over.

I’m thinking the next step for Republicans is simply to challenge elections in general in court. That way they won’t have to repeatedly file their whining lawsuits. It isn’t like elections are constitutional, after all.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 by Steven Reynolds |

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