2M4M, New Extremist Right Wing Project, Now Gay Website

We all remember Rachel Maddow making fun of the National Organization for Marrigae and its new 2M4M project, which evidently is a dating service for gay threesomes. But the right wing whack job organization didn’t stop their stupidity there. They don’t own www.2M2M.org, which is now a pro-gay marriage web site. Please visit.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

OK, this one shouldn’t be surprising. We know, for instance, that the whack jobs on the social conservative extremist end of the GOP spectrum are a bit on the dim side and don’t play all that well on the internet. We,, it was last Wednesday that the National Organization for Marriage launched their 2M4M campaign, not understanding that “M4M” is a standard abbreviation in personalsfor “man looking for man.” In other words, their cute slogan reads like a solicitation for group gay sex. Hey, even Rachel Maddow has made fun of it. Today we find that the National Organization for Marriage was so stupid as to not buy up the domain names for their new initiative.

www.2m4m.org is now a place of inclusion that stands for civil rights. You may go there for stories from people who support gay marriage, and you may go for links to very good videos explaining the distortions spewed forth by the right wing whack jobs. The site is expanding fast from its apparent launch yesterday. And I hope 2m4m.org takes a leading role in this fight for gay marriage, helping all Americans secure their religious freedom from those on the extremist right wing who wish to keep religious freedom only for themselves. Therefore my plug.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 by Steven Reynolds |

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