Bush Ducks Shoes, Norm Coleman Ducks Eggs

Norm Coleman is imitating George Bush up there in Minneapolis. He’s keeping his head up, when he’s not ducking while avoiding impromptu political commentary. Oh, er, ah. . . this blog does not condone vandalism. But we can laugh about Norm Coleman a little.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

No, Norm Coleman did not clear brush in his imitation of George Bush, nor did he insist we did not torture, even though his fingerprints are all over his Administration’s regime of torture. No, Norm did not win elections, as did George Bush. He ducked. From FOX 9 in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

Norm Coleman says he was the victim of a ride-by egging, telling the St. Paul Pioneer Press a young man on a bicycle threw eggs at his St. Paul house.

The alleged vandalism came one day after a three-judge panel ruled Democrat Al Franken won last year’s Senate race.

Coleman, a Republican, told police he heard thumping Tuesday night and when he went outside, a man launched another egg – and obscenities.

Coleman told the Pioneer Press he ducked in a “George Bush move,” referring to how Bush dodged shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi man. Coleman said he chased the man, but didn’t catch him.

OK, this is a week old or so, but still funny. Can’t you just see Coleman making this a case to send to the Minnesota Supreme Court? Funnier than “Get OFF My Lawn!”

Friday, April 24th, 2009 by Steven Reynolds |

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