Arlen Specter (D-Pa) Switches Parties

BREAKING: Arlen Specter is reportedly switching his party allegiances to the Democratic Party.

Commentary By: Richard Blair


This is huge news. MS-NBC is running the story that Arlen Specter is switching to the Democratic Party. Given that Al Franken is almost sure to be eventually declared the Senate winner in Minnesota, it’s likely that the Dems now have their 60 seat majority in the Senate.

While I don’t expect Specter to vote in lockstep with the Dem party (actually, he’ll probably be closer to Joe Lieberman in terms of philosophy), this is seismic.

Speaking of Lieberman, does the GOP now step up its efforts to get Lieberman to switch?

Discuss while this story is breaking…

Adding: CNN is reporting that Specter made the decision because of a significant GOP challenge in next year’s primary from uber wingnut Pat Toomey. There’s little question that Toomey would have been rough competition for Specter. The question remains: who will challenge Specter in the Dem primary?? Or have promises been made by the Dems in Pennsylvania?

Adding: I’m watching a quick photo op on CNN from outside of Specter’s office, and the crowd of constituents from Pa. is clapping and whooping it up. There will be a news conference later this afternoon.

Adding: I really like the chances of true healthcare reform now.

Update, 2:30PM – In Specter’s press conference, he aligned himself with the Lieberman wing of the Democratic Party. Oh, wait. Joe isn’t a Dem. Hmmm.

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