Trillions of Dollars for This?

The GOP continues to deride Obama administration attempts to stimulate the floundering economy or fix the broken U.S. healthcare system, but they’ll have no problems in passing billions for the next Iraq / Afghanistan supplemental request.

Commentary By: Richard Blair

We can’t have single payer, universal health care. It costs too much.

Economic stimulus in the form of aid to states for infrastructure repair (government buildings, roads, and bridges) is “pork” and “unnecessary earmarks” – well, at least as long as it’s a Democrat requesting the funding, and not a GOP stalwart such as Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens.

But pouring good money after bad, into two Islamic theocracies that will never be able to stand on their own? Priceless. I’m starting to wonder if those are Wall Street wizards and bankers hiding under the burquas. Oh, and your “head exploding moment”? Check out the caption for this photo…

Women's Week in Kabul

Afgahn women wear blue scarves symbolizing justice during a ceremony to mark international Women’s Day in the Kandahar province. Women worldwide rallied to demand equal rights and protest against domestic violence and growing poverty in the global economic crisis.

Afghanistan. Women. Equal rights. Domestic violence. Poverty.

Whoever wrote that caption needs to read this book.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 by Richard Blair |

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