Hot News: Fumo to Quit the Race

We’ve got corruption on the Democratic side here in PA, but there might be good news soon. Vince Fumo, the subject of a 139 count indictment and arguably one of the most powerful men in Philadelphia politics, has quit the nominating race for his own State Senate seat. Anne Dicker’s chances went way up!

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

The story is in both papers this morning, though last night it was only a rumor. Vince Fumo, beset by legal and health problems, is backing out of the Democratic nominating race for his State Senate seat.

The Inquirer: Fumo will quit race, sources say

The Daily News: Fumo exits Democratic primary

Here’s a bit from the Daily News, which seems to have a bit more of the story:

Fumo, 64, still recovering from a heart attack 10 days ago, plans to announce his decision this morning at a news conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, according to an informed source. The Daily News broke the story online last night.

At Fumo’s side today will be Gov. Rendell, who said last week that he would support Fumo for another term if the senator asked for his endorsement.

Fumo faced three challengers in the Democratic primary on April 22, and perhaps a more difficult test next September, when he is scheduled for a federal trial on a 139-count corruption indictment. Even if he won the primary, he’d have to endure a general-election campaign with daily headlines coming out of his federal trial, revolving around charges that he benefited personally from the operations of a nonprofit community group called the Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods.

So we are down to three in the race for the State Senate. Anne Dicker, who gets my support, Larry Farnese, who should be running for Babette Josephs’ seat, but inexplicably entered this race, and Johnny “Doc” Dougherty, the head of the electricians union and a power amongst the local pols. Yeah, Doc represents the machine, and the way Philly plays out nowadays, that has both benefits and drawbacks. There are movements

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