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Commentary By: Richard Blair

Sitemeter, which is the service that we use to track traffic on ASZ, is having a nervous breakdown today. Anyone visiting ASZ using Internet Explorer over the past several hours has been receiving an error due to a broken Sitemeter script on their server. This problem does not occur in Firefox. We’ve removed the offending code from ASZ, and will reinstall when the folks at Sitemeter get the problem fixed.

Note to Blogmasters: If you use Sitemeter, you’re having the same problem. Simply remove the Sitemeter code from your blog, and the issue will go away.

Note to Zonebots: If you’re still using IE, do you need another reason to switch to Firefox? Why not download and install it today? Browse happy…

Update, 8/3: The problem at Sitemeter has been resolved. All is well in blogtopia (and yes, Skippy coined that phrase).

h/t to Case Wagenvoord for the head’s up! I would have never noticed the problem, because I use Firefox…

Friday, August 5th, 2011 by Richard Blair |
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