McQueeg, McWhacked, McCain to Be Slapped By GOP Lawsuit

Those are not my names for John McCain, but introduced by whack jobs on the right. They are applauding a Republican legal attack on McCain-Feingold, clearly a reaction to losing on the field of ideas. Repubs used to think they had winning ideas, and surely ideas is where they need to focus for reform, not that they will do so.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

Until just over a week ago John McCain was the darling of the Republican Party. He was their leader, and was applauded even when making decidedly poor decisions, such as the appointment of Sarah Palin as the GOP Veep nominee. That has changed. In a slap in the face to McCain, the Republicans have now filed lawsuits to gut the McCain Feingold Campaign Finaince provisions. Here’s the article from the Washington Times:

The Republican Party will file federal lawsuits Thursday seeking to overthrow the McCain-Feingold federal campaign finance regulations, Republican National Committee Chairman Robert M. “Mike” Duncan revealed Wednesday night at a private dinner with the nation’s Republican governors.

The move is considered a slap in the face of the Republican Party’s failed 2008 presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who was dramatically outspent by Democrat Barack Obama, and of President Bush, who signed McCain-Feingold into law in 2002.

“We will bring two federal suits tomorrow to strengthen the Republican Party,” Mr. Duncan told The Washington Times.

Mr. Duncan said one suit will be filed in the District of Columbia to strike down the soft-money ban that is the central tenet of the McCain-Feingold Act – formally known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. “Soft money” is largely unrestricted contributions from wealthy individuals, corporations and labor unions.

The second suit will be in a Louisiana federal court to strike down the limits under the law Mr. McCain co-sponsored with Sen. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, that control coordination between parties and their candidates.

Where do I get those names “McQueeg” and “McWhacked” in the title? Well, from the Republicans over at Free Republic, of course. They’ve turned on McCain and they are currently saying far worse about him than the Democrats ever did. So far there are 41 members of that cesspool of the internet commenting on this issue, and the ugliness is pretty overwhelming, so be careful if you go over there.

As to McCain Feingold, it seems pretty clear that it needs a bit of an overhaul. I’ve not thought enough about the issue to figure what that overhaul will be. But I know one thing for sure, that if the Republican challenges get to the supreme Court they can count on Roberts and Thomas and Scalia to reverse course and claim that the campaign finance reform is unconstitutional. That’ll be a partisan vote based on the state of fundraising at the time the SCOTUS hears the case, at least on the right wing side of the court.

All that said, I think “McQueeg” is a nifty name for the failed Republican candidate for President. Perhaps there will be a revival of the play and McCain can play the role for real.

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 by Steven Reynolds |