Next Faux Controversy, Give it 24 Hours, folks

The Obama family has a new swing set for the girls installed on the White House lawn. the right wingers are bound to complain about this, even though the Obama’s paid for it with their own money. They will whine about it being on hallowed ground, or that it does not comply to regulations right wingers founght in the 1st place.

Commentary By: Steven Reynolds

The Obama’s got a new swing set for Sasha and Malia and installed it on the White House lawn outside the Oval Office. From the picture in the MSNBC article, it does not appear to have the regulation soft landing zone that is required for public recreation installations. I’m guessing conservative bloggers and then FauxNews will be whining about this within 24 hours. Anyone want to hold their breath?

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 by Steven Reynolds |